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Mike worked for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) at their headquarters in Bedfordshire, for 9 years after he left art College in 1983. His bird illustrations can be seen on nearly every RSPB reserve, his paintings are used as identification cards, also several large murals in information centres and hides as well as the RSPB website. His work is versatile as can be seen on the various pages of this website.  

A full time bird illustrator since 1992 Mike has, to date; work published in 32 books (details below) having worked for many publishers, organisations, his work regularly appears in the all of the UK’s birdwatching magazines. The RSPB publish his work in most of their quarterly Birds magazines, and their A-Z of Birds website has hundreds of his illustrations. His interpretation work for nature centres information boards can be found all over Britain and in Europe.  

In recent years award winning interactive CD’s and DVD’s published by BirdGuides also feature some of his work.  

An avid birdwatcher Mike enjoys birdwatching his local area especially Berry Head in Devon, some of his lively fieldnotes' on some of the more interesting birds he has found or seen can be seen on this website.   

He contributes work as voluntary Art Editor for the Devon Bird Watching and Preservation Society his home county bird society for which he is also bird recorder (1996-2002) and again from 2009.   


Published Book work:

1.                   Field Guide to the birds of the Middle East – publisher Christopher Helm

2.                   A Field Guide to the birds of the South East Asia – New Holland

3.                   Birds of South East Asia – New Holland

4.                   Birds of Thailand – New Holland

5.                   The Pocket Guide to Garden Birds – Mitchell

6.                   A field Guide to the bird songs & calls of Britain and Northern Europe – Carlton

7.                   BirdVoice organiser - BirdVoice / Mantra Lingua

8.                   Birdwatching in the North Pennines – North Pennines AONB Partnership

9.                   Bird Songs From Around the World – Chronicle Books

10.               The Bird Songs Anthology - Chronicle Books

11.               To see every bird on earth – Penguin books

12.               Where to watch birds in Turkey, Greece and Cyprus – publisher Hamlyn

13.               Birdwatchers guide to Morocco - publisher Prion

14.               Birdwatchers guide to Turkey - publisher Prion

15.               Birdwatchers guide to Southern Spain - publisher Prion

16.               Birdwatchers guide to Seychelles - publisher Prion

17.               Hamlyn Young Ornithologists’ Guides - Bird Habitats and Conservation

18.               Hamlyn Young Ornithologists’ Guides – Bird identification and Fieldcraft

19.               Hamlyn Young Ornithologists’ Guides – Bird Behaviour

20.               Hamlyn Young Ornithologists’ Guides – Migrants & migration

21.               Birds of Anglian Water Reservoirs – Anglian Water

22.               British Larks, Pipits and Wagtails – Harper Collins

23.               A History of Devonshire Ornithology – Isabelline Books

24.               The Tetrad Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Devon - DBWPS

25.               The Birds of Dartmoor – Isabelline Books

26.                  The Birds of Lundy – Harpers Mill Publishing

27.               The ultimate site guide to scarcer British Birds – Lee Evans / Birdguides

28.               Population Trends in British Breeding Birds – BTO

29.               Rare and Scarce Birds in North East Scotland – I M Phillips

30.          Socotra, a Natural History of the Islands and their People – publisher OdysseyBooks

31.         Birds in Butan - Peter Spierenburg Oriental Bird Club ISBN 0952954516

32.         The Bumper Book of Nature - Square Peg - 2009



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