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When a book is published the original artwork usually comes back to the artist, although the copyright remains with the artist this artwork can be sold on. The illustrations below are available for sale each is priced separately (    red dot indicates the picture has been sold), please contact Mike for more details. 

Watercolour paintings from: A field Guide to the Bird Songs & Calls of Britain and Northern Europe; Approx size for each 19cm X 13cm.

 UK P&P should be added at 6.40 per order of up to five paintings - this includes insurance.


Female Pheasant 40

Capercaillie male 50

Capercaillie female 40

Quail 40

Quail Flight 40

Grey Partridge 40

Grey Partridge Flight 40

Red-legged Partridge Flight  40

Peregrine 50

Peregrine Flight 40

Kestrel female flight 40

Hobby flight 40

Hobby 40

Common Sandpiper 40

Common Sandpiper flight 40

Green Sandpiper flight 50

Turnstone winter 40

Turnstone summer 40

Golden Plover summer 40

Common Crane 40

Woodcock 50

Spotted Redshank flight summer 40

Spotted Rdshank winter 40

Eagle owl 50

Tengmalm's Owl chick 40

Tengmalm's Owl adult 50

Barn Owl 50



Habitat Illustration Originals

The following habitat and bird illustrations are from a series of  World and American Bird song books written by Les Beletsky

Some of the artwork is A3 (297mm X 420mm) and others nearly A2 (420mm X 594mm)

Tundra spread:  A2 250 (available2009)

Nebraska spread:  A2 250 (available2009)

Everglades spread:  A2 250 (available2009)

Eastern Europe plains:  A3 190






Male Pheasant 40

Red Grouse 40

Red Grouse flight 40

Black Grouse male 40

Black Grouse hen 40

Ptarmigan Male 40

Ptarmigan Female 40

Red-legged Partridge  40

Red Kite flight 50

Black Kite flight 40

Marsh Harrier female flight 50

Sparrow Hawk female flight 40

Coots squabbling 40

Lapwing summer 50

Lapwing tumbling 40

Stone Curlew flight 40

Stone curlew 50

Oystercatcher 50

Ringed Plover ad 40

Little Ringed Plover ad 40

Common Cranes flight 40

Woodcock Flight 40

Redshank flight 40

Curlew flight 40

Long-eared Owl 50

Long-eared Owl flight 40

Little Owl 40

Barn Owl flight 50

Tawny Owl 50

Californian spread:  A2 250 (available2009)

Colorado spread:  A2 250 (available2009)

SE Asia Dry Forest: A3 190

Brazilian Wet Forest: A3 190

Australia: A3 190

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