Species illustration1 Illustration 2 illustration3
Little Grebe ad summer ad winter
Great Crested Grebe ad on water winter head
Gannet ad summer flying (top view)
Cormorant ad winter standing
Grey Heron ad summer juv flight
Little Egret ad winter
Bittern ad standing
Whooper Swan ad
Bewick's Swan ad
Mute Swan ad
White-fronted Goose ad
Greylag Goose ad
Pink-footed Goose ad
Barnacle Goose ad
Canada Goose ad
Brent Goose ad
Shelduck male female head
Egyptian Goose ad walking
Mallard male female
Pintail male female
Teal male female
Wigoen male female
Gadwall male female
Shoveler male female
Tufted Duck male female
Pochard male female
Goldeneye male female
Eider male female
Goosander male female
Red-breasted Merganser male female
Osprey Ad Flight side on ad soaring underside
White-tailed Eagle Ad perched
Buzzard Ad perched juv flying
Sparrow Hawk male perched Female perched
Red Kite ad flight underside
Marsh Harrier female flying
Hen Harrier male perched female flying
Kestrel male hovering - underside
Hobby ad side on flight
Merlin male perched female flying
Peregrine Ad perched Ad flying
Black Grouse male female
Red Grouse male
Grey Partridge male
Pheasant male female
Water Rail ad walking
Moorhen ad on water
Coot ad on water
Avocet Ad Ad flying
Oystercatcher winter ad summer ad summer flying
Lapwing ad winter ad summer ad summer flying
Grey Plover ad winter
Golden Plover ad winter ad summer
Little Ringed Plover ad summer
Ringed Plover ad summer
Turnstone 1st winter ad winter flying
Knot ad winter flying
Sanderling ad winter ad winter flying
Dunlin ad winter ad summer
Purple Sandpiper ad winter flying
Common Sandpiper ad summer
Green Sandpiper autumn/winter ad winter flying
Pectoral Sandpipier
Redshank ad winter Ad summer ad summer flying
Bar-tailed Godwit ad winter
Black-tailed Godwit ad winter
Curlew ad ad summer flying
Snipe ad ad flight
Jack Snipe ad flight
Woodcock ad flight
Black-headed Gull ad winter ad summer head ad winter flying
Mediterranean Gull ad winter flying
Common Gull ad winter ad summer head ad winter flying
Herring Gull ad summer ad winter head 1st winter (juv)
Lesser Black-backed Gull ad summer ad summer flying
Greater Black-backed Gull ad summer 1st winter ad summer flying
Kittiwake ad summer Ad Summer on nest ad winter head
Sandwich Tern ad summer ad winter flight
Little tern ad summer ad summer flying
Common Tern ad summer ad summer flying
Arctic Tern ad summer ad summer flying
Puffin ad standing
Guillemot ad standing
Razorbill ad standing
Wood Pigeon ad
Feral Pigeon ad (speckled darkish)
Collared Dove ad
Cuckoo ad male
Tawny Owl ad
Barn Owl ad flight
Little Owl perched
Short-eared Owl Perched (small image) ad Flight
Long-eared Owl Perched (small image) ad Flight
Nightjar ad flying
Swift ad flying underside
Kingfisher ad ad hovering
Ring-necked parakeet ad male
Green Woodpecker ad male Juv head
Great Spotted Woodpecker ad female ad male head
Wood Lark ad
Skylark ad ad song flight (EDDC - Maer)
Swallow ad flying above
House Martin ad flying above
Sand Martin ad flying above ad flying below
Rock Pipit ad
Meadow Pipit ad
Grey Wagtail Female/winter male Male summer head
Yellow Wagtail ad summer male
Pied Wagtail ad winter
Dipper ad
Wren ad
Dunnock ad
Robin ad
Redstart Ad male ad female
Nightingale ad
Wheatear ad male ad female
Stonechat ad male ad female
Fieldfare ad
Redwing ad winter
Song Thrush ad
Mistle Thrush ad
Blackbird ad male ad female
Ring Ouzel ad male summer
Dartford Warbler ad male (also with colour heather bkgrnd)
Blackcap ad male ad female
Whitethroat ad male
Cetti's Warbler ad
Sedge Warbler ad
Reed Warbler ad
Wood Warbler ad summer
Chiffchaff ad summer
Willow Warbler ad summer
Goldcrest ad
Great Tit ad
Blue tit ad
Willow Tit ad
Marsh Tit ad
Coal Tit ad
Long-tailed Tit ad
Bearded Tit ad male
Treecreeper ad
Short-toed Treecreeper ad
Nuthatch ad
Pied Flycatcher Ad male summer Ad female
Spotted Flycatcher ad
Jay Ad
Magpie ad
Jackdaw Ad
Rook ad
Carrion Crow ad
Hooded Crow ad
Raven ad perched ad flight
Starling winter
House Sparrow ad male ad female
Tree Sparrow ad
Brambling ad male winter ad female winter
Chaffinch ad male ad female
Bullfinch ad male ad female
Greenfinch ad male ad female
Lesser Redpoll ad Male Female / first winter
Siskin ad male ad female
Goldfinch ad
Linnet ad male ad female
Crossbill ad male
Reed Bunting ad male summer female
Yellowhammer ad male female
Cirl Bunting ad male spring. female
Waders/Ducks flooded meadow Lapwing Teal, Wigeon, Little Egret, Curlew, Redshank
Nightjar ad catching moth flight (colour backgrnd)
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Mammals/Vertibrates Description
Shark Mako side on
Shark Porbeagle side on
Shark Blue side on
Shark Thresher side on
Shark Basking side on
Lesser Spotted Dogfish side on
John Dory side on
Bass side on
Ballan Wrasse side on
Coley side on
Grey Mullet side on
Bib side on
Tompot Blenny side on
Spiny Seahorse
Noctule Bats Group at roosting
Brown Rat stood
Field Vole stood
Grey Squirrel stood
Red Squirrel stood
Doormouse on Hazel
Otter swimming chasing Eel Stood
Harbour Porpoise swimming
Walrus Loafing
Grey Seal loafing
Common Seal loafing 2nd Loafing (coast Mag)
Roe Deer male and female at dawn
Roe Deer in Ferns
Sand Lizard basking
Common Lizard basking
Smooth Snake curled up
Adder basking
Common Toad on land
Common Frog on land
Natterjack toad on land
Great Crested Newt male in water
Palmate Newt male in water
35 on 8/2/2010
Edible Crab
Velvet Swimming Crab
Shore Crab
Hermit Crab
Spider Crab
Chinese Mitten Crab
Spiny squat Lobster
Greater Octopus
Lesser Octopus
Little Cuttlefish
Sea Slug
13 on 8/2/2010
Pond Skater
Water Boatman
Under water pond scene Large Scan
Wood ant close up & nest
Stag Beetle and decomposition of woodland
Solitary Bee at nest hole
Buff tailed Bumble Bee
Red-tailed Bumble bee
Carder Bumble Bee
Green Tiger Beetle on ground
Kentish Glory Moth at rest
True Lover's Knot Moth resting
Poplar Hawkmoth resting
Short-winged Conehead on grass
Ruddy Darter on stem
Migrant Hawker
Southern Hawker on stem
Southern Hawker large image
Emperor Dragonfly
Golden-ringed Dragonfly
Hairy Dragonfly
Black-tailed Dragonfly
Common Darter
Broad-bodied Chaser
Four-spotted Chaser
Beautiful Demoiselle
Large Red Damselfly
Blue-tailed Damselfly
Common Blue Damselfly
Azure Damselfly Large image
Azure Damselfly
Emerging Dragon from Nymph on stem Large image
Under water pond scene Large Scan
underwater insects small scene
White Admiral on honeysuckle
Red Admiral
Painted Lady
Small Tortoiseshell
Small Copper
Speckled Wood
Orange Tip
Holly Blue
Meadow Brown
Common blue
Scotch Brown Argos
Small pearl-boarded Fritillary
Small White
Large White
Green-veined White
Marbled White
Clouded Yellow
Sea Bristletail
Kelp fly
Seashore Springtail
Rove Beetle (Devils Coach-horse)
55 on 8/2/2010
Douglas Fir Cone & needles
Sitka Spruce Cone & needles
Norway Spruce Cone & needles
Western Hemlock Cone & needles
Scots Pine Cone & needles
Foxglove two stems of flowers
Oak Leaf and acorn
Sweet Chestnut nutcase & leaf
Rhododendron Flowers and Leaf
Hazel Coppice stumps and new growth
Fly Agaric new & old fungi
Sea Holly Flower stem and leaf
Hare's foot clover Flower stem and leaf
Restharrow Flower stem and leaf
Bell Heather Flower stem and leaf
Ling Flower stem and leaf
Cross-leaved heath Flower stem and leaf
Lesser Sea Spurrey Flower stem and leaf
Thrift Flower stem and leaf
Bladder wort
Reed Mace 'bullrush'
Oar Weed 'Kelp'
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382 Total on 8/2/2010